U.S. Government Argues: We Can Force Consumers to Buy Something if it "Addresses a National Problem"

Here's the case that the U.S. Federal Government's Solicitor General (their trial lawyer) made yesterday May 10, 2011 in Federal Appeals Court, in defense of Obamacare:
The Solicitor General for the United States, Neal Kumar Katyal, today claimed in a federal appeals court hearing that

Congress has the absolute power to order citizens to purchase consumer goods if lawmakers believe there is a national problem the purchases would address.
The ramifications of such being successful in court with such an argument are endless. Can they force us to buy U.S. Treasuries, then, in order to address the "national problem" of a devalued dollar? Could they force us to buy GM cars, in order to solve the "national problem" of our declining industrial capacity, or to support labor unions in difficult times? Or, hey, how about this simple question, which the U.S. Solicitor General, Neal Kumar Katyal (here pictured as the face of a Progressive), actually posed and answered himself yesterday in court:
"Could they [the Federal Government] possibly require the purchase of wheat?" he said. "The answer is yes."


wcv said...

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

- 10th Amendment, United States Constitution

Anonymous said...

Gupta better head on back to India or where ever the hell he or his forefathers are from if he's thinkin' that dog is gonna hunt. You ain't in fuckin' India or a Trash-can-a-stan or whatever other 3rd world piece of shit nation your dipshit forefathers hail from.

Bite me, Gupta.

Negocios Loucos said...

It's a shame that this administration doesn't use the Constitution as the rule of law. There more geared to the Communist Manifesto are our law of the land. They just haven't changed the answer yet for Immigration purposes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe *Kumar* made a few trips to the White Castle with Harold prior to making his arguments 'cause drug use is about the only way I can see his reasoning.

Anonymous said...

You ever been to the Dakotas or Texas or Mississippi or Nebraska or Iowa or Wyoming and met some of the cowboys, rednecks, Bubba's out there? Gupta's got about a Chinaman's chance in hell of telling those assholes what they're gonna do much less what they're gonna buy. Good luck with that Gupta. Why don't you head on down to say Durant, MS and start telling those rednecks what they're gonna buy or go over the rally in Sturgis, SD coming up in August and tell the beer drinking riff raff they're gonna have to buy ABC product. pffffffttttt.

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court, Guantanamo, and the Rule of Law
Defending Freedom and Equality for All
The Future of the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Roberts for Business Law (or Human Rights, or Constitutional Law, or Criminal Law)
How to Use the Power of Speech to Take Down Anyone, Even Someone Vastly More Powerful than You
David Beats Goliath in the Tech Age: How Technology Can Build Groups Strong Enough to Take Down Even the Most Powerful Entities

the one I really dig is the "How to use the power of speech to take down anyone, even someone vastly more powerful than you"

that one really kills me. Turns out Kumar is a second generation American from immigrant parents of Indian origin..... well blow me down...

He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1991 and from Yale Law School in 1995 where he studied under professor Akhil Reed Amar.

Did we all of a sudden run out of fucking people with last names of Smith and Jones in the country? bwahahahahaha

Kumar's family is two generations in to this fucking experiment in democracy and he's gonna argue that he and his folk can tell me what to buy and when to buy it???? He Kumar ---- go fuck yourself. You play an extra on "Outsourced" in your spare time??? Just for shits and grins would you mind saying "Thank you for calling Mid-America Novelties, this is Kumar, may I help you?" bwahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I heard a speech out in Kearney Nebraska once that was kinda like Kumar's speech. It was called:

How to use the power of the .223 Remington cartridge to take down anyone, even someone vastly more powerful than you.

Go fuck yourself Kumar.

Anonymous said...

David Beats Goliath in the Tech Age: How Technology Can Build Groups Strong Enough to Take Down Even the Most Powerful Entities

I know more than a few rednecks in Texas that will gladly make a bet that their Mossbergs and Brownings are a far better bullwark against powerful (and overbearing) entities than all the "My Space" and "Facebook" and "Twitter" bullshit you can muster. My advice to any young person - get a fucking gun if you don't already own one. Learn to use it. Put all that namby pamby "We are the World" horseshit aside and join the NRA (even if you are a snob and consider most members to be mouth breathing cretins who are beneath you). Push comes to shove, I'd rather some armed to the teeth Bubba with a fuck you 'tude have my back than some "skinny latte drinking dipshit" who ain't good for nothin' but to be cannon fodder.

Anonymous said...

"It's a shame that this administration doesn't use the Constitution as the rule of law"

Rule of law my Smug Bastard ass. It goes against common fucking sense. Don't need a fucking constitution to tell you it is bullshit. Shit, when every fiber of your godforsaken being is telling you "Uh, self, this is horseshit" that's all you need. Consult the Constitution.... fuck that, I did a "Jeff Poll" and the "Jeff Poll" says that's horseshit.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I'm guessing I'm the only thinly veiled racist posting commentary here *that is a fucking joke for anyone who is so uptight that they don't get it*

I just like that name ---- Gupta (makes me chuckle and snicker)

Anonymous said...

can't say the name "Kumar" without thinking about smoking weed.

a fucking Indian with the munchies going to White Castle.... get it??? Sacred Sliders... Kumar. Americanize that fucker! Bow to the cow??? fuck that.... put that mofo on a bun with onions and pickles!!!!

Anonymous said...

speaking of munchies... been a good boy and on the veggies all week but started to get that major league Jones on for some protein. Headed down to get my all u can eat (it's all u can eat, not all u can carry butthead) Alaskan King Crab leg & shrimp craving fixed. Now you know this fucker Kumar is talking about forcing people to buy health care coverage. Most of the people chowing down on the buffet were of my cursed generation and many of them look like the last place they need to be is at a all u can eat buffet. They're the ones who will get behind some stupid idea of making younger, healthier people "join hands, sing kumbaya and buy health insurance" 'cause we're all Americans, blah, blah, blah. If you're young and you get hit with idiotic rhetoric to buy into that stupid idea remember what I'm saying. If people treated their bodies a fucking shithouse for decades, too fucking bad when they get to be old - ain't my problem, deal with it yourself. They'll want young people to subsidize years of stupid, self-destructive behavior on their part 'cause they're too chickenshit to man up and bear the consequences of their own actions. My ass is on the road 20+ miles a week, on the heavy bag (tiny little anger issue - can you tell?), on the weights, off the smokes (except my once a week cigar while fishing), etc. not 'cause I necessarily want to be. I'm there 'cause I don't want to turn 80 and have to use one of those fucked up little Rascals to go fucking grocery shopping. What kind of jack off uses that??? - kid you not - saw some fat ass beggar on the off ramp at Hampton and I44 yesterday panhandling at the intersection. Bitch was on a Rascal instead of walking while soliciting hand outs. I was like "Well don't that beat all you ever seen, Smug Bastard?"

Anonymous said...

Congress has the absolute power to order citizens to purchase consumer goods if lawmakers believe there is a national problem the purchases would address.

We all know Barry lights up. Gonna send him a carton of Kool's and some Colt 45 malt for Christmas (bwahahahaha!)

When CBS's Bob Schieffer pressed Rep. John Boehner about his smoking habit on Sunday's "Face the Nation," the House minority leader had this to say: "Well, listen, I wish I didn't have this bad habit — and it is a bad habit. You've had it, you've dealt with it, but it's something that I choose to do, and you know at some point, maybe I'll decide I've had enough of it."

3. He'll quit if his friend does. "I have a close friend, who also smokes," Boehner told reporters this summer. "He has some health issues; his doctors urged him to quit smoking. And I told him, if he'd quit, I'd quit."

God damned lemming. If everyone is thinking alike then somebody isn't thinking. ~George S. Patton

Remember young people - it is an idiot generation that loves to get something for nothing.

Contrary in Texas said...

Liberal fascism.

Anonymous said...

God, I hate that smarmy, know it all looking, little prick picture... sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Every time I see his smug little brown face, I just want to punch it. Suck my dick, Gupta or Kumar or whatever the fuck your name is...

...and where you think you can order me to buy ANY consumer good for the public good, eat shit and die. Go read a history book before you start thinking about writing laws you can't enforce. It's called letting your alligator jaws write checks that your tweety bird ass can't cover. God, go fuck yourself and take a slow boat back to whatever the fuck piece of shit country your great grand pa-pappy sailed over here from... and get some new glasses already... look like a goddamned idiot in those things... get some fucking man glasses already.

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