Obama Osama video

This was linked on ZH and is pretty funny:

I don't buy it. I think Osama is sipping pina coladas with Whitey Bulger somewhere in the Maldives right now. This is just more fabricated distraction as the real problems get swept under the rug.

And seriously, you can't show the world proof? I mean when they finally got Che at least they showed the body. Look at the t-shirt sales that that spiked! Of course that was Cuba invading Bolivia and not the US invading Pakist....wait...I have this backwards don't I?

I just think Obama has a stack of Get Out of Jail Free cards and he's using them right now: birth certificate, Osama, Bernanke press conference. The scary consideration is why does he need to use them now? What's coming?

UPDATE: Gonzalo Lira expresses his opinion on the matter; I agree with his analysis here.

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