Memorial Day - W.C. Varones

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Memorial Day

Let's honor our fallen heroes by not lightly creating any more.

End the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. End Obama's illegal war of aggression on Libya. And let's bring the troops home from South Korea and Germany too.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath....

speaking of heroes - got me some new Bowie for the i-Pod. love the technology but hate having to buy music over and over and over again because the medium keeps changing... but music makes me happy.

wcv said...

That dude ripped off the Wallflowers!

Dean said...

Love the "War" graphic.

Anonymous said...

"That dude ripped off the Wallflowers!"

I'm thinking that we both saw "Godzilla".

Anonymous said...

psssssstt... American youth.... there is no military draft going on... you don't need to sign up to be cannon fodder, police the world, or create a new world order or any of that other horseshit....unless you happen to enjoy those activities... if you are then Uncle Sam will be glad to have you on board. It's probably just me 'cause I don't dig group activities and sleeping in dorms with a bunch of other dudes or having some guy in a smokey bear hat screaming at my school play of M.A.S.H. I wanted to play Klinger.

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