Who needs home equity when you've got... - W.C. Varones

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Who needs home equity when you've got...

... a Car ATM!!!


Anonymous said...

I've had people in my office who were lugging around a 10k balance on a Master Card at 15% variable but had a free and clear set of wheels that they could borrow against at 3.00% fixed with me. Those deals blow up when the borrower does do a loan, pays off Mastercard but then has a bout of stupidity and racks up ANOTHER 10k in debt on his Mastercard AGAIN. I tell people that if they think that is what they are going to do, don't waste my time 'cause Homey don't play dat - I expect to be repaid with interest when I lend them money. I don't think my members like me 'cause it's like their borrowing money from their penny pinching, skin flint father looking over his glasses at them with a disapproving look.... aaahhh well, fuck 'em... I ain't there to make friends, right?

Anonymous said...

whoopsie "they're" not "their" - God you're an idiot, Jeff.

beebs said...

IT'S Alice in Wonderland.

Why would anyone take out a second loan on a vehicle?

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