IMF creep Googles "accountant counts bodies"

... and arrives at Jr. Deputy Accountant:

I hope this was just an awkward way to look up the JDA post on Greenspan's Body Count. Because the only other explanation I can think of is this guy is an accountant at the International Monetary Fund wondering if his backyard full of murder victims has been discovered.

You'll recall that the IMF was where Timmy Geithner worked when he cheated on his taxes (right after his stint as a Keebler elf). Did he kill a few people back then to cover his tracks?

Jr. Deputy Accountant saw what you did there, IMF.

While we're speaking of JDA, check out her recap of the LandAmerica debacle over at ml-implode. The kicker at the end is that LandAmerica's general counsel Michelle Gluck, who helped LandAmerica screw small creditors as it imploded, is now the general counsel for your Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

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