Obama to Gandhi: In your face, loser!!!

That little guy running around in India never never got a Nobel Peace Prize.

UPDATE: Legendary investor Cliff Asness of AQR sends this e-mail:
10 Quick Thoughts On This Morning’s Award
1. Quick Quiz: what does Barack Obama have in common with Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, and Paul Krugman (almost)? Other than an inexplicable attraction for Helen Thomas...

2. His nomination was after 10 DAYS into office. Does that need further elaboration?

3. Why didn’t they just cut out the middle-man and award a Nobel “War-Mongering” prize to George W. as that is their real point?

4. This award was given by Leftists for apologetic groveling to a world who, if they do hate America, hate us for our virtues not our sins.

5. This just in, Obama awarded Pulitzer Prize for signing Malia’s last field trip permission slip.

6. We are living increasingly in a staged totalitarian global regime putting on Kabuki theater. This should scare everyone, but the most ashamed should be the so called civil-libertarians on the Left who are both facilitating it, and claiming to stand for the opposite.

7. I just got word that the estate of Neville Chamberlain is suing. They don’t award it posthumously, but you’d think they’d make an exception here no? Word is his estate will be appeased easily.

8. Instead of thinking of this as a new award, can we just think of it as Jimmy Carter winning twice?

9. I wonder how the Israelis feel about this? After all, this “Peace” might be achieved over the nuclear ruble that once was the only successful free country in the Middle East (imagine if they had oil?). But, 78% of American Jews (I am Jewish, so by the PC laws of the land I can say this) have now voted for a Nobel Laureate - they must be kvelling.

10. Finally, this will go down as the apex of the unearned self-esteem movement that is harming children everywhere.

Alternates that almost made it:
11. The Nobel’s committees was told “you can’t give the award for NO
ACCOMPLISHMENT to make your own Leftist political point.” But they quickly responded “YES WE CAN!!!”

12. Did he get the award for the hope, the change, or both?

13. Chrysler senior debt holders are just relieved he didn’t win the Nobel in economics.

14. Same joke, insert Cash for Clunkers.

15. Same joke, other prize, insert socialized medicine.

In all seriousness, while I’m against big government and therefore disagree with much of his agenda, there is certainly a chance Obama one day deserves this award. But, as of now, this is a Euro-Leftist joke.

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