US Committed to Beating Mother Nature

Oct. 14 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. is “deeply committed” to solving the problem of climate change, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said.

So the United States is going to change the warming patterns that have been around for tens of millions of years? That's not arrogant.

Our planet has a long, long, long history of climate changes but apparently the United States, with about 5% of the earth's population, is going to somehow stop that. That's science fiction my friends.

This green movement is to the Democrats what the Christian movement is to the Republicans. It's a motivator that causes people to believe in things that can without a doubt be refuted scientifically. It's religion. Those people believe in their leaders as gods instead of as employees. So they elect their leaders, watch them destroy everything else in the country but hold onto the one thing that they are certain their leader will achieve. In Obama it's the end of global warming. For GW it was the end of abortion.

But here is the contradiction: George W. Bush and the Republican party got control of the legislature and the executive in 2000 with the loud drum beat of anti-abortion, a very Christian evil. So why didn't they immediately pass legislation outlawing it? The answer is because then there would be no reason for those who voted for them to vote for them again. And those who did vote for them would be forced to think about something else.

I believe the same will hold true with the Obama administration. Actually it's turning out that Obama is doing NOTHING he promised in his campaign, but on this issue I am confident that they will hem and haw about their commitment to stopping global warming. They will pass legislation that will funnel money to certain folks all in the name of saving the planet. In the end all they will have accomplished is more theft of money and the weakening of our country.

So my question is, why stop at halting global warming? Why not build a tractor beam and move Mars much, much closer to earth so we can mine all that iron ore that is on it? Also shouldn't we try to reduce the temperature of the Sun while we are at it?

UPDATE: Check out the first thing Senator Lindsey Graham uses to defend his record in a raucous town meeting the other day. He's anti abortion and if they ever abolish it he'll be out of a job. That's why they'll never abolish it. At least the Dems have it easier because it's impossible to impact such macro cycles of climate change on Earth without maybe lighting off 100 nukes. They'll have that cause forever for people to vote for.

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