In praise of Barack Obama

Thank you, President Obama, for announcing an end to discrimination in the military.

This is the first Obama policy decision I can remember agreeing with. Why Obama would decide to start doing the right thing after nine months of pork, corruption, government expansion, and bailouts for Wall Street crooks is a bit curious. Maybe he wants to lock down a 10% voter base.

Let's hope this promise isn't just another Obama lie, like:

- No tax increases on families making under $250,000
- No one will lose their existing health care plan
- Closing Guantanamo
- Unemployment will stay under 8% if we pass the $787 billion porkulus bill

Based on his track record, I'm not holding my breath. Apparently, neither are gays.

I'm sorry if my praise of Obama was a bit effusive.

Meanwhile, obviously closeted and self-loathing homosexual (come on now, a 54-year-old bachelor named Lindsey who is a McCain sycophant and cries like a little bitch in public when he doesn't get his way?) Lindsey Graham went on NBC to trash the proposal to try to show off his anti-gay credentials.

Equal rights
For Sodomites!
Loaded guns
For lez-be-yuns!

UPDATE: Obama White House tells uppity homos to know their place.

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