Right-wing mob attacks Whole Foods

... with their wallets.

Today's Whole Foods BUY-cott in La Jolla:

While a big group chatted over coffee in the cafe,

others went shopping.

There were friendly faces

and Joker shirts

and signs of gratitude for Mr. Mackey.

It's a great way to meet girls who are into teabagging.

Meanwhile, these people outside had signs supporting communist health care. I thought they were there to counter-protest the buy-cott, but somebody told me they spend every Saturday here.

UPDATE: Temple of Mut has a recap. I had the great pleasure of chatting with Temple of Mut blogger Leslie Eastman as well as Sarah Bond and Dawn Wildman, all founders of the local Tea Party movement. A big thank you to all of them for organizing the buy-cott and I'm looking forward to next Saturday's Tea Party!

And I understand that Dean from Beers with Demo was there, though I didn't get to speak with him. He's all over a lot of my pet issues like the FHA zero-down scam. And right here in San Diego -- how did I miss him before? He's now on my blogroll.

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