Demon Sheep: The Legend of Tom Campbell

I'm no fan of Carly Fiorina. I've seen her speak at a lunch, I've read her book, I've read all about her time at H-P.  People who worked with her at H-P hate her. She worked on the vile John McCain campaign.

Still, I've got to give her credit for this ad, which uses silliness and hyperbole to expose Tom Campbell's fake "fiscal conservatism."

My one quibble is that it's a little weird that almost all of the "us" people in the ad are white. At 0:57, there are three consecutive shots of white people, then at 1:00 a shot of four white people and a token light-skinned black woman (Harry Reid was not available for comment as to whether she had a Negro dialect). No Hispanics or Asians in California? My guess is that the ad creators were thinking "Our target audience of fiscal conservatives means cranky old racist white guys. Let's show a lot of unhappy white people." Carly's a saleswoman, through and through. Whatever the marketing hacks tell her will sell, she'll push.

Chuck DeVore is the real fiscal conservative in the race, though he doesn't have the money Carly does, and he seems to come with a lot of icky social conservative stuff. [That was uncalled for. DeVore is not running on social issues, and as I've said before, fiscal issues are the only thing that matter this year. Chuck DeVore for Senate!!!]

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