A Yahoo blogger, on the outcome of the men's Olympic free skate on Thursday:
Figure skating gets no respect because of outcomes like this...I am going to watch hockey, where athletes are allowed to push the envelope. A real sport.
Normal sports blather, I'd say, except for the identity of the blogger: two-time silver medalist Elvis Stojko.


Ang said...

Hilarious! And those of us who are hockey fans are pissed that hockey is pushed off to NBC cable channels for lame figure skating. Yes, put a real sport where we can see it. :)

Sic Ibid said...

Ang it's good to see a fellow hockey fan on WC! If only I had known, I'd have read all your comments a little differently.

Now let's do away with deciding 1-3rd place based on some corrupt person's subjective opinion, and get some actual, measurable scores into some of these games!

I love the Ski Jump, but c'mon! There's apparently some subjectivity in the scoring. Huh? How 'bout this; whoever jumps the longest distance wins. I'd like that better. Add hang-time into it if you want. Tangibles, people!

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