Land of the formerly free

America drops from "free" to just "mostly free" on the Index of Economic Freedom.
The latest index of economic freedom shows America falling fast, being ranked for the first time as "mostly free." We've fallen behind Canada, and it's look out below.

Our accelerating descent into a command-and-control economy with government pulling the strings is taking its toll.

The Heritage Foundation's 2010 index of leading economic indicators shows that the land of the free is only mostly free, falling to eighth in the world from sixth last year, now sandwiched between Canada and Denmark.


FrackWit said...

I guess this means the Canadian border guards are going to have sixties flashbacks as they see the tide of refugees fleeing the US (except this time they're dodging their country's debt, not their country's draft).

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

I am no student of international politics but aren't the Canadians raging Socialists? and THEY are "freer" than we are?

Christ we ARE doomed, aren't we? Well at least we saved the banks!

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