Greece plays the Hitler card

Greece to Germany: "So what if we cheated on our deficits for EU membership? You still owe us for HITLER!"


Negocios Loucos said...

I LOVE THAT ONE! It never gets old. Just like when I was in college and a black student said that I was racist, that my children would be racist and their children would be racists. He pretty much said I permanently owed him for "his" slavery.

Of course I didn't argue since he was one of the starting linebackers on the University of Illinois football team. I just said 'yes sir' and gave him my wallet.

ubu roi said...

Wasn't Greece the country that had gangs of "students" roaming through the streets burning and stealing only to run back on campus and safety because the police weren't allowed to go there? Didn't this go on for weeks? Pathetic. Besides, they're not really Greeks anyway, they're Turks with Greek names.

Happy Super Tuesday!