Not entirely stuck in the 70's

As we're enduring the second Carter Administration, let's look at some of the progress we've made since the 70's.

Schools: 50% more teachers per pupil and how's that working out for ya?

HT: T-Dub.

And federal spending. I hope you love your government 3.5 3.2 times as much as you did in 1970, because that's how much more they are spending, even adjusted for inflation.


Anonymous said...

It's a sad picture, those two graphs.

Ah, well, this financial commission will come up with new ideas. I figure they'll come up with the VAT, which is suspiciously French.

ed mcdoorknob said...

Common, this is ridiculous What the hell does this have to do with Carter?
What I'm saying is that every President we've had including Carter has been a frontman for
the banking cartel.
Our current situation is nothing like we've ever experienced before...
Stop quoting Faux propaganda

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