Jump ball

Colorado, the swingiest of swing states, is going heavily Republican as a repudiation of Obamunism.

This just a couple years after going heavily Democratic as a repudiation of Bushism.

If the two major parties are paying attention, they should be aware that the huge, moderate/independent swing vote hates two things: 1) religious zealot social conservatives imposing their morals on others; and 2) tax, spend, and borrow leftists mortgaging our country's future.

It's a jump ball for the fiscal conservative, socially tolerant middle. So far, the Republicans are reaching for it. They are burying social issues and focusing 100% on the fiscal disaster. I recently attended a fundraiser that featured both a moderate Republican Congressman and a social con Republican Congressman. Both swore to a skeptical Republican audience that the social stuff was so far on the back burner that it wasn't even an issue. Democrats, not so much. They are doubling down on burying our children in debt.

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B-Daddy said...

The fiscal disaster of never ending debt is such a threat to the future of our nation that it would be political malpractice not to place it front and center of any conservative or libertarian campaign.

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