Ixnay on the Ooselay Alktay

Department of Homeland Security is Googling "wc varones":

Sorry I ratted you out, Leucadia Blog, Maxed Out Mama, Flip this Burger, and Goldman Sachs 666. O'Brien got it out of me in Room 101.


Negocios Loucos said…
You fear the rats too?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the heads up.

Should I hide my dogs?

---Hold me, I'm skeert.---

-Flip This Burger
Anonymous said…
Our tax dollars at work!
I'm offended they didn't come check out JDA :( Do I need to try harder or what?
Anonymous said…
Y'all + TLP + JDA keep a pretty close watch over your readers.
So does the government, anon. But at least we make it known :)