Chicago: Workers' Paradise / Liberals' Dreams in action. 46% Property Tax Increase

Yes in the second story listed you are reading correctly. Property taxes in Chicago are going up by a whopping 46% in some neighborhoods! Here are some timely Chicago Tribune stories from Obama's adopted hometown and center for American Marxist thought (that's in the Hyde Park neighborhood near University of Chicago).

October 27, 2009
Double-digit property tax increases in city, Cook County suburbs
By Bob Secter ,Tribune reporter
Most Cook County residents are in for another round of sticker shock when new property tax bills arrive in the mail in a few days, with the median increase in many suburbs topping 10 percent and, in a handful, 20 percent.

October 28, 2009 |Article
City property tax: Blame game kicks off as bills leap
By Bob Secter and Hal Dardick ,Tribune reporters
In many northern suburbs and city neighborhoods, median percentage [Chicago Property Tax] increases over last year will be in the double digits. Some lower-income areas in the city will experience some of the highest percentage spikes. Hardest hit is West Garfield Park, where the median increase of tax bills will top 46 percent.

Mayor Richard Daley on Tuesday tried to offer...scapegoat for the puzzle of why property tax bills are soaring as home...city tax relief program, Daley also lashed out at the assessor... Despite the attack, Daley didn't make clear how...

Union warns strike could disrupt events at downtown hotels

Blagojevich wants trial delayed

Illinois' leading lawmakers privately circulate proposal to undercut effort for better open records law

Aldermen want to see Daley's wish list for city
Almost every Chicago alderman supported a resolution introduced Wednesday calling on Mayor Richard Daley to publicly release the list of projects he would complete with money from a federal economic stimulus package.

Daley hints at list for stimulus aid
Mayor Richard Daley flew to Washington on Monday to lobby for the economic stimulus package being debated there, and before leaving he revealed some of the Chicago projects that he wants the federal government to help fund. Monday the mayor offered a partial list, saying he is seeking funding to make improvements to 15 miles of transit lines, more than 200 schools, 150 miles of main streets, 200 miles of street lights and 75 miles of sewer and water mains.Other initiatives that Daley said the city would like to pursue with federal aid include expanding broadband access to 22,000 homes and increased tutoring, special education programs and teacher training.

Daley said last week he had a list but would not disclose it "because once you start putting it out publicly ... the media is going to be ripping it apart."

Not so 'accessible' mayor
A day after a former Cabinet member became the latest political ally convicted on federal corruption charges, Mayor Richard Daley apologized to the public Tuesday and declared himself open to questions about City Hall hiring fraud.

Illinois government: Governor, legislative leaders increase private meetings

Daley defends special taxing districts

Aldermen's $3.2 million allowance: How is taxpayer money spent?
Aldermen hired relatives, friends and campaign workers, leased automobiles and rented downtown parking spaces with funds from their taxpayer-funded expense accounts, according to city databases and public records assembled by the Tribune.

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