Collectivization Watch?

Stimulus Political Patronage Keynesian Failure Bill

(a bill that was largely written by the radical Socialist "Apollo Alliance", lead by former Weather Underground partner-in-domestic-Terrorism of Bill Ayers, Jeff Jones.)

Socialized Health Care

Cap and Trade loss of sovereignty and Global Warming Fraud exposed.

Card Check legislation vastly swell union rolls

Value Added Tax (National Sales Tax)

War Tax on the Rich

Cash for Clunkers (an idea that came from self described Communist Van Jones)

Cash for Appliances?

Government Takes over GM, puts unions ahead of bondholders

Government takeover of Large Banks

SEIU brown shirts in Purple shirts.

ACORN gets billions in Federal $ to help ruin our housing system, conduct election fraud, assist the underage sex slavery business.

President Purging the opposing party from Federal bureaucracy

We're all Socialists now?