Timmy the Tax Cheat goes on the defensive on Capitol Hill

That's funny. I knew Geithner was a crook and an incompetent hack, but I had no idea he had this partisan streak in him:
The “worst financial crisis in generations” happened after “almost a decade, certainly eight years, of basic neglect of basic public goods, in health care, in education, in public infrastructure, in how we use energy,” Geithner said.

Really? The financial crisis had nothing to do with the leverage and the lending practices of banks that were under Geithner's supervision as head of the New York Fed? The whole financial crisis was a direct result of George W. Bush's spending too little on education and energy?

I guess Geithner's been spending so much time with Obama that he's absorbed the "we inherited this mess; nothing is our fault" theme. But to actually try to persuade people that the financial crisis has more to do with Bush's education spending than the Wall Street banks under Geithner's regulation? The guy is cracked.

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