Censorship at NPR

Charlie was listening to NPR's Talk of the World today, and heard a really interesting caller. He suggested I listen to the call on the NPR archives (call starts at 26:50).

Imagine my disappointment when the best part of the call was deleted from the audio.

Here's what they cut out:
“Ja! The vibrating strength on these new phones is sooo amazing! Ja, I mean, when you’re driving, you can stick one right in your scheisse-hole and stimulate the prostate very nicely.”

The weird thing is this isn't just censorship of a prankster; it's journalistic fraud. By leaving the rest of the call there and presenting it seriously, they are deceiving their listeners into believing the story about how a German contractor's business has been transformed by cell phone technology.

Daniel from Hamburg, I know you recorded the call. Please e-mail me the audio file!

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