Savage Britons

Michael Savage has been banned from going to England along with 16 others. Those other people are terrorists. Michael Savage is a conservative radio host. Here's the story. Banned by U.K., Savage hits back

Some people will chuckle but the fact is that he only talks. And to ban someone who only talks because of what he says is a nice step in the direction of censorship and the destruction of liberty.

But I suggest there is more to this than the stupid English blaming someone else for their incompetence. I believe this is a litmus test engineered by the current administration. I mean what the hell does anyone in England care about what a guy 7000 miles away SAYS?

My fear is related to this story: Obama Says U.S. Security Linked to Afghan, Pakistan Note this paragraph:

President Barack Obama, after meeting with the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan, said the security of both countries and the U.S. is linked in the fight against extremists.

See right before the recent tea party demonstrations the Department of Homeland Security sent out a memo talking about the dangers of right wing extremists. It's chronicled here: Homeland Security profiles conservatives, libertarians as “right-wing extremists.

So are those with different political view points lumped in with terrorists? Why are we suddenly seeing the word extermist all over the news? Is a Taliban soldier that throws acid in the face of school teachers just as much as a threat as Michael Savage?

I believe the banning of Michael Savage from England is a little experiment. The administration is trying to measure how far they can go with lumping political opponents in with terrorist monsters. If the public is ok with this, ok with the destruction of liberty, than pretty soon Michael Savage will be off the air by government edict.

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