Donna Marie Gold resurfaces as Donna Gold-Bentzel

Last summer, we followed the strange saga of Las Vegas real estate speculator Donna Marie Gold, who gave an interview to Bloomberg News about her real estate empire, then seemingly disappeared.

Prospective clients will be glad to know that Donna has resurfaced as Donna Gold-Bentzel at donnagold-realtor.com, and she still has those lovely properties for rent. And she has even taken our advice: that 2-bedroom condo we said was overpriced at $5100 per month? She's dropped it to just $3800 per month! Too bad there are still 2-bedroom condos in the same building for $1800, $1850, $1900, and $1950!

"I feel that I have a unique understanding of the Real Estate market and hope that you will call me for any of your Real Estate needs."

Unique indeed!

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