Prop. 1A poll: going down harder!

Last week, we noted that Proposition 1A was going down 40-49, but that the politicians and special interests were beginning a big-dollar media blitz to promote it.

Well, after millions in ad spending and Schwarzenegger threatening to let California burn unless we pass his tax increase, have the people been cowed?

Nope. I can't find it online yet, but KFI radio is reporting a new Public Policy Institute of California poll putting support at 35% and opposition at 52%. I'll post the link when I find it.

UPDATE (5/8/09): Here's the news story:
As the Legislature’s nonpartisan fiscal adviser warned Thursday of a looming cash crisis that will become more severe if the special election ballot measures are defeated, a new poll shows voter sentiment against the measures is strong and rising.

A survey of 1,080 likely voters by the Public Policy Institute of California shows all five fiscal-related measures trailing less than two weeks before the May 19 special election, with the negative sentiment highest among those who say they are most motivated to vote.

“The voters who are tuned in are really turned off,” said pollster Mark Baldassare.

It shows likely voters are opposed to Proposition 1A 52 percent to 35 percent, against 1C 58 percent to 32 percent, leaning against 1D 45 percent to 43 percent, and opposed to 1E 48 percent to 42 percent.

It looks like you wouldn't know about this poll if you got your news from the L.A. Times. Now that KFI and the W.C. Varones Blog are breaking news stories, will the loudmouths at the L.A. Times at least make some uninformed comments? Will they be wearing pajamas when they do?

UPDATE (5/9/09): Theya culpa. Apparently the L.A. Times print edition did feature a story on Friday, the day after it ran on KFI and Varones. The story could not be found Friday morning on multiple keyword searches either on Google or the Times' own search engine. I congratulate the L.A. Times on developing an adequate print edition 15 years into the age of the World Wide Web. Here is the story, finally available on Google search, though it still doesn't show up on the Times' own search engine for phrases that appear in the story. Thanks to Say Uncle for catching this.

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