Racism is Cool!

If you are a white owner of a broadcast station and you are in financial trouble because of the economic downturn, then the government is here to help. Congressmen and women are asking the Treasury to help out those white broadcasters because they deserve the help. But if you are black, hispanic, Indian, Chinese, Brazilian (non-white), South African (non-white) or Saudi, because of your race, you deserve nothing.

Oh wait I got that totally wrong, my bad! See here:
High-ranking House Democrats are urging the Treasury Department to prop up minority-owned broadcasters suffering from a lack of capital and lost advertising revenue amid the economic slump.

Sorry, so if you are any of those races listed above then you deserve money from the government. If you are white than screw you because some animals are more equal than others.

NL Disclaimer: I believe in total equality - no bailouts for anyone.

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