Take off, eh!

T-Dub forwards this investment newsletter, which applauds Canada's right-wing fiscal policies. Canada? Right-wing? Yep. While Obama is passing out the union pickets, our neighbors in the Great White North have gone positively Maggie Thatcher.

The Washington Post elaborates:
Long derided by American conservatives as "socialist" and praised by the left for its generous government spending, Canada is casting off those stereotypes. Over the past few years, while U.S. politicians presided over huge increases in spending and debt, the Canadian government tightened its belt, slashed tax rates and balanced budgets.

Click on over to the WaPo and click through the charts. Bottom line? Canada is resource-rich, fiscally prudent, and has actual assets in its pension funds. The U.S. depends on other countries for natural resources, is a fiscal disaster, exports mainly debt and derivatives, and has a Social Security Ponzi scheme for a pension plan. And while Obama throws future generations under the bus to bail out today's Wall Street fatcats, Canada's banks are relatively sound.

I've spoken fondly of Australian fiscal and monetary policy in the past. Canada is in the same league. If you have any Canadian or Aussie connections, try to get yourself a permanent residency there before they close the borders. If you can't move, stocking up on Aussie and Hoser currencies and equities is the next best thing.

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