Tim Geithner Tax Cheat stamps

I just got my Timmy the Tax Cheat stamp in the mail.

It's a high-quality, professional, self-inking stamp. The idea is to stamp "TAX CHEAT!" in red ink over Timmy the Tax Cheat's signature on dollar bills (which doesn't appear to violate the defacement law). I highly recommend it. Buy them now for 4th of July gifts. Only problem is I don't have any Geithner bills in my wallet yet. I don't even have any evil Hank Paulsons, just a bunch of John Snows.

The maker of the stamps received an IRS audit shortly after launching the web site. Coincidence? I think not. So to make it easier on you Sheithner minions, "W.C. Varones" is a pseudonym. My real name is Anthony Adams, and I am a freshman state Assemblyman from Southern California. Look at me. Do you think anyone could get this fat eating on an honest Assemblyman's salary?

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