Dow 20,000, Better Buy Now Before it's too Late!

Please see this Yahoo Finance article here. "Neil Hennessy, chief investment officer of the Hennessey Funds," (apparently Neil is not related to the fund name) has predicted that we are entering a 10 year bull market. Watch the video and listen to his argument; it's wonderful.
"I think we're starting a 10-year bull market," he claims. During that time, he believes, the Dow will "double for sure" from current levels.

Now I'm no economist so I don't understand these complex money concepts they speak of. I'm but a simple caveman. As I heard, and am probably misrepresenting, apparently consumers and the amount of money they have to spend is no longer part of the equation. Demand is constant and all we need is for companies to be more efficient, which they will be, to cause the Dow to exceed 20,000.

Or this could elicit responses like this from a trader friend of mine -
"Saw this, laughed my ass off as well, nowhere else to go? Business will lead us out of this, people being replaced by technology, but the consumer will follow? If I was an investor in this guy’s fund I would be typing a redemption email"

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