IOC to corrupt Obama/Chicago Olympic gang: DROP DEAD!!!

The IOC is obviously Racist. And any minute now we'll hear Obama's press secretary Gibbs explain how George Bush made it more difficult for Chicago to get the Olympics, even with a personal visit to the IOC by the President of the World.

More to come later...but...For now, feel free to see these links for details on the Obama/Chicago/Daley/Jarret/Olympic corruption that's been brewing for the past few years building up to the first round smackdown the IOC just gave Chicago:

Olympic/Obama/Daley/Jarrett Cronie Watch

see especially

Valerie Jarrett's talks with HUD would've benefited her Chicago Real Estate Portfolio when Olympics came to Chicago.

Crime Watch. IOC members need to put on some steel shin-guards now! Watch out for Daley's henchmen!

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