Fed Surrounded by FBI

November 6th, 2009 - Washington, DC

Thousands of FBI agents surrounded the Fed Reserve headquarters in Washington, New York, Boston, and all the other branches of the FED today with warrants for the arrest of most of the upper management including Ben Bernanke. Ben Bernanke was seen being led to an FBI transport vehicle in handcuffs and appeared to be crying.

FBI Agents confiscated all of the computers and documents and delivered them to a special hanger at Andrews Air Force base where an army of forensic accountants are going to audit everything.

The mission, organized in the name of liberty by Ron Paul and Alan Grayson, is being led by Junior Deputy Accountant(JDA) as the lead CSI. JDA was quoted as saying "Time to @#$% them like they've been @#$%ing us for the last 96 years. By the way, we aren't going to be gentle." At which point she made a hand gesture like she was putting on a medical glove.

As part of the action every upper management executive and board member of every major bank and Wall Street trading firm in the nation had their passports revoked to prevent them from leaving the country while the investigation was taking place.

The reaction to this has been stunning. People all over the country are literally cheering out loud. You could hear a roar of applause in Manhattan when the FBI moved in. "It's a historic day where the people of this great nation have finally said 'ENOUGH, this is our country, not yours!'" said W.C. Varones.

Reporting from Chicago Sic Ibid stated "It was incredible! It was like when the Bulls won their first title times 100. Everyone was out in the streets proud to be an American again. This must have been what it was like in Russia when the communists fell. It's a glorious day for the country."

Authorities stated the investigation would be swift and 100% transparent. We will be updating this site as each piece of information is presented.

~ Negocios Loucos


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