Tax Cheat Timmy - Liar or Moron?

Here's a link to an online video of an interview with Tax Cheat Tim Geithner(TCTG) talking about the dollar - Bloomberg.
Interviewer(NL interpreted) - Dude, you appear to be killing the dollar, which has got to tick off your homies in China. What'up, what's the plan?

TCTG - "No one is going to care more about this than me...and this President, and we are committed to make sure that we repair the damage caused by this crisis, put in place a stronger recovery, restore confidence and stability of our financial system, as growth recovers, and as growth is reestablished..[unintelligible].. we will move to bring our fiscal position down to a more sustainable position. You look at the health care reforms working it's way through congress, they are going to make a very important contribution to addressing our long term deficits, that's going to be very important to our long term fiscal health(SAY WHAT?), uh but there's more things we're going to do to but we're committed to that, it's very important to the United States and very important to Americans recognize that recovery in the US will be weaker unless the world is confident and Americans is confident that we are going to have the ability to bring our fiscal position back to a sustainable position over time. These deficits are high now but they are high because of the cost of the crisis and the steps we had to take to fix the damage caused by the crisis but they will come down over time. Right now our challenge is growth."

Interviewer - But DUDE, THE DOLLAR IS GETTING WHACKED LIKE GODDAMNED BILLY BATTS IN THE TRUNK OF HENRY HILL'S CAR. Seriously, how can you possibly respond to that?

TCTG - "Well thanks for giving me the chance to repeat that. It's very important to the United States, very important to the Global Economy that we have a strong dollar."
NL Conclusions:
1. Have you ever seen an honest person move their head so much when they were telling the truth? Psychologist have identified traits of liars and man he seems like a liar.
2. HE ADMITTED THAT OUR CURRENT FISCAL POSITION IS UNSUSTAINABLE. So if congress doesn't do anything, the President doesn't do anything, we are doomed, right? So I guess I'm partially wrong; at least there he was being honest.
2. The health care bill to spend TRILLIONS and destroy the insurance industry WILL HELP the economy and the dollar?!? That's a blatant lie or the comment of a moron.
3. It is important to have a strong dollar. He never said it is important to him or this administration, which clearly it isn't.
4. He speaks like a high school freshman. That's our Treasurer...really? Does that bother anyone but me? I guess after GW set the bar so low this is what we can expect going forward.
When TCTG was appointed Treasurer I went off that he was about the absolute worst choice Obama could make short of appointing the Treasurer of China in a dual role position. I mean he was head of the most powerful office of the most powerful, corrupt organization in history as head of the NY Fed. I have yet to be proven wrong in my assessment.

TCTG is an idiot, a liar, a thief, and a traitor, and I'm seriously not being dramatic.

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