Why Baseball Rules!

The Yankees are world champions for a 27th time, beating the Phillies 7-3 in Game 6 on Wednesday to win their first title since 2000.
And why Negocious Loucos hasn't watched more than 1 entire baseball game per year since 1994. The World apparently doesn't include any country outside of the United States. And the more pathetic the title, the more you have to give an absurd name. WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! Dude I think CSKA Moscow was soccer World Champions for the entire 50's and 60's, because they never played outside of the Soviet Union. See how that works? Communists think they are the world.

And the irony is that economically that soon will be a fact. The only folks who will accept dollars will be the only folks that call one country's baseball team "World Champions".

Congrats World Champion Yankees! You defeated the world! GFY - good for you!

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