TX Governor: Obama's depositing illegals into TX from other states

This clip is worth listening to in its entirety. You know states are upset at the Obama Administration when they start talking about the 10th Amendment. He also details how Obama's Administration is taking illegal aliens who were caught in other states, and bringing them into Texas!

They're doing it without ever having one single word about this with any State or Federal representatives from TX. They're dumping 92 of these illegals per day into one particular TX small town. That town will double in size after just 2 months of this, and it has no way of adequately dealing with this number of new people. I hear this and I think: it's a microcosm of the greater Cloward-Piven idea, which is to flood the welfare roles, and otherwise demand so much from the Federal government that it ends up collapsing as it tries to meet those demands. However you cut it, it seems they are trying to stock TX with naturally left-leaning future voters, in an effort to remove TX as a reliably conservative opponent to Obama's ultra left-wing socialist agenda. It's like stocking a fishless pond with large-mouth bass. Even if that's too far-fetched, this is a great clip. And the BO Administration is definitely messing with TX.
Perry also lauds the Tea Parties, and explains how much of an effect they really do have.
From Statesman.com

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