Now Google joins Obama's war against Fox News?

Fox News (and other News Corp sites) may be removed from Google.
Google sometimes reveals itself as a politically slanted entity. To which direction does it slant? To the Left, of course. It has played little conservative-bashing games with results of certain political search phrases, even. The cover of the November 3, 2009 edition of Fortune magazine reads,
"The President and the Tech Giant see eye-to-eye on almost everything...Is that a good thing?"
In the article, it says, "The President relies on Google execs for tech and economic advice." So is it any coincidence that the feud between Rupert Murdoch and Google is heating up, just as the Obama Administration has begun repeatedly attacking Fox News?

Google and Obama are partners. Isn't that scary? When our neo-Marxist President partners up with our most dominant information entity, don't we have a reason to worry? Here's just one example, where a Google-backed site helps Obama's call for "Service", in an effort called "All for Good". Fortune calls the relationship "A Love Story". Hey, how did that famous Shakespeare love story end again? In this contemporary version, perhaps "prison" could be substituted for "poison". What, I can't hope?

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