Huckabee's Body Count

Those four cops massacred in a coffee shop in Washington yesterday? It turns out the suspect would have been in prison in Arkansas if he hadn't had his sentence commuted by religious nut Mike Huckabee.

People of faith are an important part of this nation's history and its future. I could see myself supporting people of faith such as Mitt Romney or Jerry Brown. I even know people who voted for Barack Obama despite his membership in and regular attendance of a radical hate-mongering church. But nutty religious ideas cannot be allowed to override common sense and the Constitution in setting public policy. Huckabee led the region in pardons and commutations, apparently taking the Bible's message of forgiveness to mean he should put dangerous criminals back on the streets.

Huckabee's economic views are a similarly twisted interpretation of the Bible. He is a big-government leftist, apparently taking the Bible's message of charity not to mean that individuals should be charitable to each other, but that a redistributive big government directed by folksy former pastors should tax some to support others. For the record, Jesus was not a Communist.

Huckabee is probably a really nice guy and would probably make a great pastor of a local church. But someone of such twisted faith and limited intellect should never be allowed near the levers of power.

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