Helpful Joe Biden illustrates the point

Always willing to lend a gaffe-prone hand, Joe Biden provided vivid illustration of the arrogance of America's ruling class the same day Angelo M. Codevilla's essay on the subject was making waves across the blogosphere:

Seeming to echo a line of criticism usually voiced by Republicans, Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that most Americans and even many experts “don’t even know” what’s inside the White House’s signature legislative accomplishments.

Biden said that lack of understanding was “because of all the advertising done” by opponents of those bills.

Asked by ABC's “This Week” host Jake Tapper in an interview aired Sunday if the administration “is getting enough credit” for the Wall St. bill, the health care bill, and the economic Recovery Act in light of polls showing the majority of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track, Biden said: “The vast majority of the American people and a lot of people really involved don't even know what's inside the packages.”

“People don't know a lot of what's going on in The Recovery Act,” Biden said, ”understandably, because this has been so much stuff that has been flowing our way.”

Despite those polls, Biden said, the country is moving in the right direction, saying of Americans who disagree “nor could they or should they” understand that, given the 6.7 million jobs lost in the last six months of the Bush administration and the first six months of the Obama administration.

Pointing to jobs growth in recent months, he added that when the “country is in trouble, all [people] want to know is… that we're moving in the right direction.”

“But they don't think that we are, “ Tapper replied.

“No. No, they don't think now because I don't think they know the detail of what's going on,” said Biden, who said “the health care numbers are going up” now “because they're figuring out that small businesses are going to get a 30 percent tax cut. They didn't know that because of all the advertising done.“

Governing is really, really complicated, and the American people can't possibly know what's best for them, so we're just gonna go ahead and make all the decisions for them.


qs said...

Starting in 2012, gold sales over $600 dollars must be reported to IRS.

Dean said...

They've got the House, Senate, Oval Office and the media and Joey B. still whines while blissfully unaware of the high irony content of his statements.

SarahB said...

Theme of the day...sharing

Anonymous said...

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