W.C. Varones, progressive

Progressives are falling all over themselves today to support Elizabeth Warren to head the new consumer protection agency.

Megan McArdle at the Atlantic has some problems with her, including her fuzzy-headed leftist academic past.

For me, three things are most important.

1) She hates the dirty banksters
2) She's not a crook
3) Timmy the Tax Cheat fears her

None of those can be said for most Washington Democrats, nor of anyone else Obama might nominate (Paul Volcker passes those criteria as well, but Obama's not about to nominate him, and he's got too much gravitas and stature to run some silly consumer affairs department).

Warren seems to have done as well as possible as head of TARP oversight, blowing the whistle as loudly as possible in front of a Congress full of deaf ears.

Elizabeth Warren for Consumer Czar!

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Dean said...

I knew that name rang a bell. She's been bangin on TARP for accountability from Day 1 and given your checklist... hell, why not?

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