IMF discovers Greenspan's Body Count

Welcome, boys!

The Dirty IMF is sort of the international version of the Dirty Fed. Just as the Dirty Fed pushes debt on Americans who can't afford it in order to perpetuate the American Ponzi scheme of excess consumption, the Dirty IMF pushes debt on countries that can't afford it in order to perpetuate the global Ponzi scheme of excess consumption.

We've had several hits lately from the halls of power: the Senate, the House, the Executive Office of the President, DHS, HUD, Goldman Sachs, AIG, all the crooks who created this mess and are still in power. I don't know whether it's opposition research or whether someone inside these organizations is starting to feel the pangs of conscience.


Anonymous said...

It's really scary that they are spending so much time reading blogs of little guys. I wonder what's going on.

the darkcloud said...

Pangs of conscience in the halls of power? We can only dream.

You have a stong, social voice, WC. I expect the halls of power don't like that very much - without conscience, of course.

Anonymous said...

It isn't just here - happens in other places. Same story but different faces

"They are people aged 40 to 60 who are living with crushing debt pressure. Some bought their homes at the peak of the bubble during the late 1980s and now find themselves out of work and unable to pay their mortgages."

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