Walking along in the Mission

There's a grittiness and authenticity in San Francisco's Mission District that's lacking in most of California.

Mattresses for sale piled on the sidewalk just off the truck, handmade unfinished wooden dressers straight from Mexico in the mom-and-pop furniture store, a guy selling hot dogs without a permit from his truck in a metered space on the side of the road, a taco shop or two on every block.

People here work hard, and work to buy and sell the necessities of life. They're poor, but they're doing something real.

The rest of us in Disneyfied California earn outrageous wages compared to our global counterparts to do things like push oversized mortgages and overpriced education on unwitting victims, and after work we suck out another $100,000 for botox and cruises from the home ATM.

This Depression is gonna hurt us phoneys a lot more than it hurts the good people of the Mission.

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Anonymous said...

When you have a lot of money, you also build up a lot of fear that if you lost it all, what you'd become. You also build up a false sense of yourself as being better then poor people and aka "losers". This is all coming from personal insecurities much of the time.

So yes, it would be harder for the wealthy to fall when the dollar becomes worthless.

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