Santelli Tells It Like It Really Is

One of our favorite mainstream media pundits is Rick Santelli. The University of Illinois educated fixed income trader has been one of the few MM voices of reason that for some reason is presented among the clowns and court jesters of CNBC. He provides the 1% truth to the 99% propaganda CNBC pushes.

ZH links a fantastic interview with Mr. Santelli and summarizes the highlights. Courtesy of King World News the interview link itself is a must listen twice to.

Santelli talks in terms of finance and logic; he doesn’t talk in terms of one side versus the other. I just hope his November prediction is correct otherwise while JDA is looking to leave the state, I’m going to be looking to leave the country. ~NL

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Sic Ibid said...

Dear Mr. Santelli,

Don't be ashamed to Tell it Like it Is. My time is too expensive. Keep on singing the truth, brother!


Happy Super Tuesday!