San Diego sales tax protest tomorrow TODAY, Monday July 26

Greedy public employee unions are threatening San Diego with dead babies in order to push a tax grab.

Join Councilmembers Carl DeMaio and Kevin Faulconer and a wide coalition of taxpayer advocacy groups to protest the money grab.

Details here.

Concerned business owners and citizens will step forward to voice their opposition to a proposed sales tax increase in the City of San Diego prior to a discussion at the San Diego City Council meeting on Monday afternoon, July 26 at 1 p.m. Speakers will call for the City to address pension reform, managed competition and spending cuts before asking taxpayers for any more of their hard-earned money.

The event will take place at the Concourse next to San Diego City Hall, 202 C Street, San Diego, CA 92101.

Speakers include:
• Dave Martin, Point Loma resident and owner of Shades Restaurant in Ocean Beach
• Jim Musgrove, Ocean Beach resident
• Kristina Levit, San Diego resident and U.S. Army Reservist
• Ralph Pesqueira, Mission Valley resident and owner of El Indio Mexican Restaurant
• Dr. Allen W. Chan, San Diego resident/businessman; owner of Jasmine Restaurant
• Katie Hansen, California Restaurant Association
• Janelle Riella, Downtown San Diego Partnership
• T.J. Zane, President & CEO, Lincoln Club of San Diego County
• Carl DeMaio, Councilmember, City of San Diego (co-moderator)
• Kevin Faulconer, Council President Pro Tem, City of San Diego (co-moderator)

San Diegans AGAINST The Sales Tax Increase is a growing coalition of groups and individuals, including the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, Lincoln Club of San Diego County, San Diego County Republican Party, San Diego Libertarian Party, San Diego Tax Fighters, Stop Taxing US, City Councilmember Carl DeMaio, Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer, and more. The group says: “We want REFORM before REVENUE in city government. We demand a fix to bloated pensions and wasteful spending before any tax increase is even discussed.”

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