Whoopi Goldberg: Tea Partiers are racist; Mel Gibson isn't

... apparently because conservatives are presumed guilty despite zero evidence, while Hollywood people are presumed innocent even when they're caught on tape.

Big Hollywood:
It appears as though Whoopi employs a zero tolerance policy when those who are (falsely) accused of racism are everyday Americans passionate about the future of their country. Which can only mean one thing….

In Whoopi’s world, spewing racism is only okay if you’ve been profiled on Entertainment Tonight.

That would be consistent with Goldberg's view that if you drug and anally rape a 13-year-old, it's not "rape-rape" as long as you're a Hollywood big shot.

Speaking of which, it turns out that a Department of Justice screw-up caused the Swiss to free Roman Polanski. Incompetence, or did they throw the case to please Obama's Hollywood base?

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Anonymous said...

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, for the pictures of the teeth…Seriously, on a show called "Issues" they are covering this tonight. What next?? I like that show because they have interesting Point of view.

Happy Super Tuesday!