I get pretty excited about liberty too

Zonies in the news again:
A Phoenix man who allegedly exposed himself to a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty on Tax Day has been arrested for indecent exposure, police said on Thursday.

Kevin Robert Theriault, 42, was booked on suspicion of three counts each of indecent exposure and public sexual indecency.

The woman, who was standing on a street corner, dressed as the iconic statue to promote a tax preparer, called police after a man had masturbated in front of her four times. [ed. note: I guess she liked it the first three times?]


In his post-arrest interview, Theriault told detectives that he "just wanted to go home to do his taxes," Carbajal said.

In related news, New York subway wanker Dan Hoyt is still serving up "raw" food at his restaurant, Quintessence. Don't order the tapioca.


Anonymous said...

Actually Dan Hoyt "Wanker" is now working as a high paid consultant world wide as well as teaching around the world from Japan to Madrid. Though still a partner in the very successful operation in NY he hardly has time to spend "serving up food" at Quintessence. You see some people can learn & grow and move on in life while lame writers clinging to last decade for rehashed content to fill their void.

wcv said...

An international man of mystery and yet he spends his days trolling the internet for references to his glory days.

Anonymous said...

taxes make me horny me love you long time

Anonymous said...

Hey wcv
AHHH Google Alerts.

Put in a keyword and anything posted on the internet with that keyword in it and you will be sent to your email a notification and a link to that content.

Follow a passion, a person, a topic or use it for damage control, marketing, or being in the right place at the right time (on line that is).

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