Matt Taibbi takes on the corrupt and unaccountable Federal Reserve

He exposed Goldman Sachs and then the Wall Street - Washington kleptocracy.

Now he's come for the Dirty Fed. Sit down and read how the Federal Reserve gives multi-million-dollar can't lose trades to the well-connected elite.


Anonymous said...

after reading stories like that, i always say to myself, 'surely THIS will be the last straw. surely NOW somebody who's been crapped on and ruined by the banksters will snap and go all psycho/medieval on their asses'...

and i'm always wrong. each & every time. and now, they're not even TRYING to hide the fact they're ripping us off. "what are you punks gonna do about it? gonna send a *letter* to the congressmen/senators that i personally OWN?? yeah, that'll work. someday. although it never has yet, has it, loser."

how does one deal with a mad dog intent on killing everything it sees? does leaving it alone work? or ignoring it? or publicly shaming it?

Negocios Loucos said...

Anon, we are too big of a population to deal with this, therefore it won't be dealt with. Our representatives aren't representative. Our law enforcement don't enforce law. And no one cares because what's that going to get you?

The government is the mob and they let you live and watch American Idol so STFU and get back in your pen sheep.

Happy Super Tuesday!