Nuclear Meltdown

If a meltdown occurs but nobody reports on it, did it really happen? Today Zerohedge posted this, quoting Reuters, regarding confirmation that one of the Fukushima reactors had melted down:
A top official from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said on Wednesday it was not clear that Japan's Fukushima No. 2 nuclear reactor has melted through the reactor pressure vessel.

Earlier, Democratic lawmaker Edward Markey told a House of Representatives hearing on the nuclear disaster that the NRC had told him the core had melted through the vessel.

"That's not clear to us, nor is it clear to us that the reactor has penetrated the vessel," said Martin Virgilio, deputy executive director for reactor and preparedness programs at the NRC.
Now when you click on the link provided you will discover that the article has been taken down by Reuters. It was there before, we confirmed that. Now:

Update: after seeing FlyingCuttleFish's comment I checked on Google's results and got this with the removed link:

Further proof that Reuters did write something about it. Google must be slipping leaving that remnant there.


Anonymous said...

A great report!
Google 'Top Stories' also has been erasing stories about Fukushima.
Today (Wed.) when the hydrogen bubble is being formed they don't include any Japan crisis stories at all on the 'Top Stories' catagory.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Excellent find, NL. Now how long until Big Goog cuts WCV's off switch "accidentally" again?

Anonymous said...

a few years back - pre 9/11 - i had a loon neighbor with one of those (well, ok, *several*, actually), wild-eyed conspiracy bumper stickers on his truck. i remember it well: "the banks are LYING!! the politicians are LYING!! the media is LYING!!"

we all chuckled and rolled our eyes whenever he drove by. some people, ya know? it's like they live in a freakin' _fantasy_ world!

we just didn't know it was us, not him.

the banks/pols/media/google KNOW any whopper they put out will be instantly fact-checked by 5000 people or so on the web. they KNOW that even if they 'disappear' the whopper in question, someone will have saved it, and the proof of their lies will be all over the world in a matter of minutes...

what scares me most is they don't even seem to care anymore. laughably transparent lies; profoundly inept dissemination; "erasure" as unsubtle as the old soviet photos with 'the guy who just got executed' clumsily airbrushed out, but his shadow's still there....

they're not even bothering to hide their contempt for us anymore. bad, BAD sign. i suspect it means something really big and really bad is coming down the pike real soon. heads up, ladies.....

Negocios Loucos said...

Anon, EXACTLY! The sheeple don't. They don't care that they are being blatantly lied to because, I believe, they have their Republican or Democrat religion to fall back on. 'Oh my party wouldn't do that, it must be the other party'. Or they just care if it interferes with watching Survivor - DBag Island. We are a population that has given up it's responsibility to govern and entrusted it with it's Mullahs. There is only a small population that does get it such as the Tea Party. But then the mainstream media calls us racists and the sheep just go back to their grazing. 'Baaaaa, I love JLo's outfit, baaaaaaaa'. Pathetic.

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