Lindsey Graham: I'm not just against Koran burning in wartime; I'm against free speech in general

Lindsey clarifies:
Free speech probably allows that, but I don’t like that. I don’t like burning the flag under the idea of free speech. That bothers me; I have been one of the chief sponsors of legislation against burning the flag. I don’t like the idea that these people picket funerals of slain servicemen. If I had my way, that wouldn’t be free speech. So there are a lot of things under the guise of free speech that I think are harmful and hateful.

I'll bet Lindsey has a thing for stern father figures in military costumes. Just a guess.

Let me tell you, the First Amendment means nothing without people like General Petraeus. I don’t believe that the First Amendment allows you to burn the flag or picket the funeral of a slain service member. I am going to continue to speak out and say that’s wrong.

But, seriously, click over and read the whole thing. Lindsey comes off as a real intellectual lightweight with an authority fetish trying to defend his position.


Negocios Loucos said...

This is so insane! Lunatics in Afghanistan kill people because of what some idiot in Florida did with a book!?!? HELLO! The focus should be on the murderers not some idiot preacher or our freedom of speech! By placing the focus on our rights instead of the crime, it legitimizes the crime.

I actually think people like Graham love things like this. They probably are happy people died so that they can push their agenda of destroying the Constitution.

Talk about the terrorists winning, they certainly have.

Anonymous said...

lindsay graham: the barney frank of south carolina. and while frank can at least be explained with "hey, it's massachusetts. whattaya expect?", SC has no such excuse. the state that prides themselves on being the epicenter of southern manhood and culture sent - and keeps on sending - that mincing, lisping halfwit to the senate. was THAT little twit the best they had? were there no plain-speaking contractors, or factory workers, or janitors willing to take the job?? and, IIRC, they just re-elected his sorry little curiously feminine, suspiciously RINO butt last year.

hey, ho, way to go.....south carolina.

Anonymous said...

"stern father figures"

Maybe something with a Nazi zeitgeist? Or perhaps, he's more of a "Zed of Pulp Fiction" type?

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