Land of the Free

If it's fun and the government doesn't get a cut, you can bet you won't be free to do it for very long.

Sayonara, online poker. For some reason the rest of the world sees no problem with it, but the God Blessed United States of America can't abide.
The FBI has apparently seized four large online poker websites — PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, UB.com and Absolute Poker — claiming bank fraud, money laundering, and illegal gambling offenses.
Dear Republicans: blow me. Dear Democrats: you too.


Anonymous said...

How is it even possible to run a scam THIS big?? like what, do you think the FBI are idiots? Why didn't these guys ban the US like all other operators (titan.com, 888poker.com and the rest). Once you start acting like criminals - you give gambling a bad name :)

Zeke said...

If you can point to a victim of this "scam" or "fraud", please do.

Sure, they might have seen it coming. That doesn't make the DoJ any less fascist or ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

"you cannot legislate morality or a change in fundamental human nature. it has already been tried." - some dude

95 YEARS after we cleverly started the "drug war", there's not a high-school kid in america who can't get his hands on weed, oxy, coke, ecstasy, heroin, meth, lortab...you name it. so long as he's got the cash and the cred as a non-snitch, he'll have the product in his hands within 72 hours. EVERYbody knows a guy who knows a guy.

so naturally, the hopelessly incompetent dipshit feds, having done nothing but FAIL on the whole 'drug' thing for a century or so, go after.....barry bonds, and online poker. i betcha they all give themselves medals and promotions for this. mission accomplished!!

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