Tiger pulls out


Anonymous said...

I'm continually looking for sound reasons why your blog rates a "4" in Google and can find none. You are a lazy blogger who doesn't even bother to tweak his html code to make sure the video doesn't slop over the margins. You really have nothing original to say in your blog articles and are intensely cynical. You're just taking other people's work and throwing a couple of your comments on it. So please explain your logic as to what does the topic of your blog have to do with a golfer?

the darkcloud said...

Hey WC,

Sounds like the teleprompter erred on "disc", with "dics".

Don't they have spell check on those things?

Or how about delay specialists, like the NYSE?

W.C. Varones said...


Thanks for the insightful critique.

Let me address it point by point.

lazy blogger - not just lazy, incompetent too. I don't know to fix that video width thing.

nothing original - I think this tends to cycle over time. At times this blog has lots of original content. This varies depending both on our (my and co-bloggers') free time and on inspiration from current events. We've done some good original stuff over the years. Lately, current events seem to be nothing but more of the same from Bailout Nation and the Dirty Fed. You can only write so much original stuff about the same crooks doing the same thing over and over.

I'll work on a list of greatest hits original posts for you, and I'll also make an effort to get more original material out in the near future.

what does the topic of your blog have to do with a golfer - it's not golf per se. It's the penis humor. This blog has been all about penis humor from the start.

"4" in Google - I don't know what that is or how I got it, but JDA is a 5 and I'll admit we're not 80% as good as JDA.

cynical - guilty as charged. If you're not cynical, you're not paying attention.

ubu roi said...

I like penis humor, I thought the nice lady saying dick, and then quickly trying to correct herself was hilarious. Keep up the good work, VC.

W.C. Varones said...

Oops, choked the JDA link in the prior comment.

Toldja I was incompetent.

Sic Ibid said...

No original content? How's this for incisive original content?

Happy Super Tuesday!