Falling from grace: Sarah Palin and the Tea Parties

Sarah Palin, once a hero to many Tea Partiers, has deeply disappointed California Tea Partiers by endorsing establishment candidate Carly Fiorina ("McCain in a bra") over Tea Party favorite Chuck DeVore.

I was impressed with Palin's frontierswoman bio when she first hit the national stage, and I loved her coming out speech, and some of her partisan hack attackers like Menzie Chinn and Charlie Gibson were pathetic, but in the following weeks, her ignorance of things outside Alaska was stunning. How do you get to 40-something years old without having serious thoughts about national and international issues?

I've hesitated too long in coming out against Palin, probably largely because I despise her East Coast elitist detractors. No more.

Palin and religious left nutjob Mike Huckabee are the scariest figures in the Republican Party to me today, scary not because they are serious, but because despite their lack of seriousness, they command sizable followings. They are in many ways the Republican Party's version of Obama: zealots with personality cults bigger than their understanding of the Constitution.


KGould said...

almost anyone I know or listen to (radio etc) that highly regards the constitution and the framework of the USA, cannot stand Palin. I am Canadian but I watch from afar and have always hoped that she would not make it 'higher up' in politics. My only problem with how the media treated her was how unbelievably sexist it was. And feminists seemed to tear her apart, where Palin should have embodied everything they have been striving for - mayor, governor, on the presidential ticket for VP, plus a mom to several children, including special needs... what more could you ask for as a poster child for feminism today? But it seemed they could not STAND her. That always baffled me and I found it highly unfair.

But on the political side, she worried me and did not seem stable and firm in her beliefs. More of that is coming to light. But as a person, as a woman, she has accomplished a lot and should be proud.

Mutnodjmet said...

W.C.: Thanks for the link, and your really wonderful analysis. As a fan of Palin's for a long time, I was never so enthralled that I didn't take the fair critiques of her seriously. I am glad I listened, otherwise her Fiorina endorsement would have been more shocking. Needless to say, I will be more keen to pay attention to the realities of Palin in the future.

Anonymous said...

It's Palin's sex appeal, unique marketing and nothing more. She's extremely beautiful, has a unique original personality and that's the bottom line.

Sic Ibid said...

We all have to be skeptical about every politician. That's what I think is the best approach. So I maintain a healthy skepticism towards Palin. We'll see how she develops over time. First priority for her if she wants a future in politics should be to study her butt off in the areas where she is weakest, that's for sure.

But one thing I can say about her that, to me, is quite positive, is that she seems to me to be the one national-profile politician out there who would most likely be willing/able to just cut entire Federal Departments in D.C. And THAT is something we REALLY need to be done. I could be wrong, but that's my sense of her at this point. I could see her just taking a battle-axe to the budget. She's refreshing for some other reasons, and generally doesn't bother me one bit. But being ready for a Presidential run is another matter entirely. However, I'd take a potted plant that respects and enforces the Constitution over any elitist intellectual, professorial type who is hell-bent on destroying and perverting it.

And so far, I've not seen or heard anything from or about Palin that suggests she would seriously offend anyone who "highly regards the Constitution and the framework of the USA", as our Canadian friend put it. She seems to be somewhat of a Constructionist, loyal to the Original Intent of the Founding Fathers. She's quite outspoken about that, actually.

So, keep scrutinizing her, and every other person trying to get your vote. If we can do ONE thing to improve our situation rapidly, it is actually looking into the past of our candidates and learning about what they believe in, and what they actually want to do. America is now seeing what happens when our media doesn't do its job, doesn't dig for info about Presidential Candidates' backgrounds, so we've gotta do it ourselves from now on.

Negocios Loucos said...


SarahB said...

Erie...your timeline of excitement, disappointment and right-wing politically correct silence almost parallels my own opinion of Palin. I'm not proud that I went along with the Queen Has No Closes for so long. But no more pretending to see potential...she's just another GOP prop and little else.

reddog said...

Sarah is very good at what she does and she's making a lot of money and gaining the greatest name recognition of any American woman since Amelia Earhart. She's happy.

In the end, Republicans can throw her under the bus and plead plausible deniabilty. No harm, no foul. Until then, everyone is getting what they want.

When the politics thing dries up, she can go on TBN and make another fortune Bible thumping, faith healing and driving out demons. Tax free. What could be better than that?

Anonymous said...

I gagged at the mention of comparing this dim witted ignorant politician to the extremely intelligent socially aware late Amelia Earhart. Amelia used film, Palin uses television that is the greatest brainwashing tool of all time.

Listen, we all know Palin is what she is because she is gorgeous, beautiful and has a independent free wheeling personality and spirit. Regardless, she is a disgrace when it comes to national politics and there's no comparison between she and Amelia Earhart whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

"We all have to be skeptical about every politician"

Amen. Who ever gets elected, just remember a George Wallace quote: "There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties."

People elect those who they think will be good for the country in most cases I think. But their mistake is in not keeping the pressure upon their elected leadership throughout the term. In the age of the internet and a generation of people who are comfortable with blogs, e-mail, twitter, etc. there will be no excuse for not keeping the pressure on them to do what is right. You kids and your fap, fap, fap (chuckle, chuckle)

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