Obama Thoughtcrime Czar wants to "Nudge" First Amendment to the Ash Heap of History

And, no, that's not one of those hyperbolic/joke headlines of mine that get people's panties in a twist. Sadly.

Obama's "Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs," Cass Sunstein, doesn't want you to be able to write your opinion on the Internet without offering contradicting viewpoints:
"The sites of one point of view agree to provide links to sites of the other point of view. So if you’re reading a conservative magazine, they would provide a link to a liberal site. And vice versa, just to make it easy for people to access to competing views.

Or maybe a popup on your screen that would show you an advertisement or maybe even a quick argument for a competing view.

If we could get voluntary arrangements in that direction, it would be great and if we can’t get voluntary arrangements maybe Congress should hold hearings about mandates."

The quote is reportedly from a 2001 interview, so it doesn't reflect current policy necessarily, but does illustrate the kind of Machiavellian meddlers Obama surrounds himself with.

More at our friend JDA.


Anonymous said...

They know if you repeat something enough people will believe it. Like the headline "Lady Gets Shot and Killed for Not Complying with Census". I think they're referring to this kind of thing of those who are equally irresponsible (and uh hum, hypocritical) with themselves.

There's nothing worse when people practice the tactics of their enemies. The French Revolution proved the revolters eventually came just as bad as the oppressors.

Get the message?

Negocios Loucos said...

Anonymous, I have long stated that the French Revolution shouldn't have taken place. I mean the people were given cake! Who doesn't love cake!??

Sic Ibid said...

for a supposedly crazy person who is only stoking panic, Glenn Beck has been reporting on this for months now (Net Neutrality), and others have been publicly worried about this legislative drive for 2 or 3 years now. So clearly, WC, you're going to be called crazy for even peeking into this issue. No one can take an honest look at such things without people attacking him for it. And that's just how Cass Sunstein likes it to be. The guy is a serious radical.

ProfoundSkeptic said...

Will my child's day care need to provide links on their website to NAMBLA? Seems only fair.

As for the Obama administration actually putting any of this censorship into practice I don't see it happening and if it does he and the democrats will be out within one election cycle (which is why it won't happen).

Not to worry Glenn Beck will be able to keep peddling his snake oil and crying his way into every good conservative's heart. At least until he finds his meds.

Michael G said...

Here's a blog post: "Cass Sunstein should be allowed to continue in his position with the Obamunist regime, should be allowed to speak his mind, and should not be thrown into the deepest darkest prison for the rest of his life." Now, will someone please post links supporting the opposing view? Well, how about it, Cass? HMMM??!!

Negocios Loucos said...

Can any bashers of Glenn Beck please provide the quote and valid argument to bring this discussion to an adult level? It's far to easy to, and simple minded, to latch on to mainstream criticism of a critique and never actually provide a quote and the rational to reject it. Snake oil? Really? Profound stuff that is.

Nailed it

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