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Your dairy industry at work

Be warned, you're not going to like this.

Shut down Conklin Farms.

UPDATE: Now this is just plain rich:
During the hearing in which his bond was set at $100,000, [the abuser] appealed to the judge that he could not go to jail because he is studying for exams to become a police officer and that he had animals at home to look after.


Anonymous said...

We need a full on war with North Korea and a full on draft and assholes like that need a one way ticket to the front line with a fucking rifle and one clip. Want to act like an asshole that is less noble than the god damned cow being abused - no fucking problem. That is total fucking bullshit. Those types are always the "big fucking man" blow hard types - when confronted will bust out crying to the judge making excuses or hiding behind their families, etc. Sub-fucking-human. I like meat. I like dairy and eggs and have worked on a farm. The man I worked for (and yeah, Jimbo Long was a man with a capital M - not a wretched asshat like the dickweed in the video) treated the livestock with the care and respect it deserved. If he ever caught someone doing anything near what was pictured, the first thing he'd do would be to show them the verse that tells the reader God expects them to be a good steward. Then he'd ask God to make him his instrument to show them the folly of their way. Then he'd proceed to give them the total physical ass kicking they so richly deserved. I hope that judge throws his ass in jail and fines his sorry ass into perpetuity. Take all his fucking money and all his fucking freedom. I watched to the point of the pitchfork - how the fuck does someone do that to a calf???? There used to be parts of farming I didn't care for including the castration of the piglets and calves - Long used to pick the person most skilled with a blade and who could do the job quickest with the smallest cut but I still didn't like it - I just understood it was necessary. How someone could do that to a calf for no good fucking reason is beyond me. Sub fucking human. I know one dairy farmer in Illinois. He's been doing since he was a kid - if he caught someone doing that to his herd, their ass would be grass. Those kinds of assholes are the types that if they were dealing with cattle, they'd be running some jack-off puppy mill out in the sticks. Same type of idiot.


Anonymous said...

Conklin has issued a statement saying, "Our family takes the care of our cows and calves very seriously. The video shows animal care that is clearly inconsistent with the high standards we set for our farm and its workers."

Where I grew up in French Camp, Mississippi, families such as the Conklins are viewed as being even more wretched than the god damned cow shit that they shovel. What'd I tell you - the big man with "the family" statement - hiding behind the "family" - I know bullshit when I see it, hear it and read it. That family is shit.


Anonymous said...

Wants to be a fucking cop!?!?!

Looks like a god damned serial killer in the making to me. People who will do something like that to an animal are not too far away from doing it to a human being - fucking sub human.

cdnprairiedog said...

These days when people ask me why I don't eat meat, I just tell them it's because it is repugnant to me. I don't hear much arguing after that.

Anonymous said...

If some judges would start laying down some Old Testament style justice on these pansy assed bastards, they would stop. They abuse the animals because they are helpless to defend themselves. They're nothing but fucking bullies that need their asses kicked by the legal system. Take that fucker's money, farm (and a few others like him) and his freedom via jail time for an extended period of time, put him up as an example to the other asshats who have that sort of attitude and it would stop in large part. Farming life is a privlege, not a right - fucker should be banned from it - should be digging ditches by hand for a living. Lousy prick.


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